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\n\n \n \n\n\n \n
Hi Joe, e-mail me direct, jknox at groundhog dot \nnet, and I can e-mail you a zip of the software. Price industries \nsell the rib and cables.
 I use an old 486 - 75 mhz laptop and it \nworks fine on M-PA, M-PD radios for programming, bought it on ebay for \n$10.00.

Jim Knox  N5NWC
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first of all i want to say hello to all \n in the group,
i m joe a chicago fire dept paramedic,
my question is to \n the group,
i m new to mpa radios  i have worked on programming \n motorola saber
radios as i have my own for work,
can someone please \n give me a crash course in mpa radios specifically
800 edacs  and what \n i need to program my own, ie   computer, dos  or
win \n version? cables? , special rib box different then i already have 
and \n software and where can i obtain the software? \n

                                   \n thanks  \njoe
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