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Being that it is a UHF, you may need to use the \ntrunking software.  But if it said program when the cable was hook up, you \nmay have needed to change the digital/nondigital setting.  Some UHF's are \ndigital and you will get errors trying to read it as a nondigital radio.  \n(had the same problem with the one I have.)  Once I told the software it \nwas a digital radio it reads and write fine.  Now with what happened to \nyours not sure what to tell you.  If you have a flash cable you might \nbe able to recovery the radio.
Good Luck
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Use version 12. 

Does the display say PROGRAM or \n URP9600 when you attach the RIB Cable and power the radio on?

MPA V12 \n is for Conventional flashed radios only.  It must display PROGRAM and not \n URP9600 to use MPA V12.

URP9600 indicates EDACS Trunking Flash is \n loaded, and you must MPAFLASH the radio to Conventional before using \n MPA12.

Look in the Yahoo Group Files for 03b - Software and Flashcode, \n m-pa_flash_utility. zip


paolowrf wrote: \n


Hello Group, first to all, many thanks to the moderator for the acess \n
to this group; i'm a novice for this kind of radio, so i need some \n
information about them.
I have one M-PA System for UHF band, but \n maybe i have used the wrong
software to read/write: my equipment is a \n "I9000M 12" (must be the
firmware, blu botton on power-on) and i have \n used the sw 11.1: it's
correct? Or i must used the 12???
Again, after \n several times of read error, i enter in the maintenance
section \n and...probably i delete the current personality (sorry, it's
my fault!!) \n and after that on the display of radio blinkyng "PERS ERR".
Anyway, the \n radio goes again in programming mode: does anyone know
if it's possible \n to restore the unit? Maybe with the FLASH utilities?
Thanks in advance \n for any helps...and sorry for my bad English.

Best \n Regards

Paolo \n IW1QBK


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