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Arcade Odyssey Tournament photos

Uploaded the photos from the tournament 2/4/2012 onto my Flickr account…

2012-02 Arcade Odyssey Tournament 

Some of my favorites:

And finally, not to show off or anything 😉

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The wall is full

Well, the wall is officially full

The wall of Pins

My roommate picked up the Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, I picked up the South Park and “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”

Both the South Park and Dracula will need quite a bit of work, the South Park seems to have come from the now defunct Game Works (now Game Time) and I picked up the Dracula from a guy that has been fixing Arcade/Pin’s for a long time…

The South Park works fine, but has some pretty extreme playfield wear, the ball drop from the right wire ramp is pretty extreme, wearing down into the wood. Besides that its actually pretty ok, just needs some cleaning, a new Kenny and some new plastics. Unfortunately the plastics are kind of pricey so its going to have to wait a bit…

The Dracula needed repair on the CPU board, audio board, DMD board, AND the power/driver board (aka ALL of them). But after some time with the soldering iron and my trusty Fluke 73 its come back from the dead (har har)… Playfield needs some cleaning, currently have it stripped down, cleaned, polished and waxed, just waiting some replacement bits before applying a new mylar sheet and reassembling the playfield. After that I am probably going to sell it, I bought it because it was a good deal, and while its actually a pretty great pinball I’d rather have the space open for a machine on my wish list 🙂

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A Dig Dug comes, fixed, goes…

So I picked up a Dig Dug arcade machine I found one of the arcade message boards I hang out on… after a 3 hour drive I picked it up and brought it back home after another 3 hour drive. Brought it into the garage and started inspecting it, apparently Atari did not have the greatest  power supply and audio amplifier designs, although in all fairness it was the early 80’s… Anyhow, I know its unorthodox but after messing with the original Atari power supply/audio board I decided the best course of action would be to scrap the whole thing and roll my own…

It only needs 5V and a small audio amp, so I put in a small 5V open frame SMPS and built an small audio amplifier on some perfboard… end result was this…

Dig Dug is alive!

So I am not a huge arcade guy, I bought this as a gift for my mom, she loves Dig Dug and was beyond excited when I showed it to her…

Either way its always nice restoring/repairing an original machine, and there is something special about dedicated machines from the golden age of the arcade

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Aaaaand another…

So after getting the StarWars pinball machine the next one I kept a lookout for was a GoldenEye pinball machine, and wouldn’t you know it one appeared on Craig’s List. Called up the owner and he brought it over, said it belong to a friend of his that purchased it for his son and it never got played. And it looks it, except its got quite a layer of dust/suit(?) on it. So I am guessing it spent some time in a garage.

The Pin's

The Pin’s

So pretty much everything works on it, a few bulbs out and the satellite motor is a dead short, but the magnets and everything else works. So ordered some spare parts and a LED kit to retrofit it.

Started breaking it down so I can clean the playfield and all the plastics/parts etc.

Cleaning the playfield

Cleaning the playfield

Here are the ramps removed, going to try and clean them up/polish and clear up the plastic using Novus.

Right & Center Ramps

Right & Center Ramps

Left Ramp

Left Ramp

Much work to do!

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Picked up a pinball machine…

So I picked up a pinball machine this weekend… found it on Craigslist. Its a 1992 Star Wars Trilogy machine made by Data East… it is in decent shape. It needs some of the plastics replaced and the death star is also in need of repair/replacement. Ordered the replacement plastics I was able to find and also a kit to change all 157 light bulbs to LEDs!

FLECOM's Star Wars Pinball machine by Data East
Here it is in its new home

Eddie playing
Invited some people over to break it in

Cake is a lie
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