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End of an era…

After 60 years Spec’s Records & Tapes is closing it’s doors… After all their stores were sold to FYE years ago the original Spec’s remained alone in South Miami a testament to times past… now no longer, to be knocked down and replaced by (another) bank… sad…




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Mr & Mrs Marathon

As per the usual I was at the Miami Marathon as I am every year way too early in the morning as a volunteer communicator… as usual there were interesting people walking/running by… considering I was almost at the end of the 26 mile course seeing these two go by was impressive to say the least!


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Silent Scope

Got my Silent Scope working, now have a functional Silent Scope & Silent Scope 2!


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IFPA Tournament @ Arcade Odyssey

Helped Eric host an IFPA tournament at Arcade Odyssey today – was quite a bit of work and kind of stressful but overall I think everything went well used my GoldenEye as the final game, think that caught a couple people by surprise… We shall see if we do a repeat again next year…





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Movin’ on up!

Finally starting to get settled in, moved in some machines to make it feel more like a (my) home =)


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Foggy night…

Went to South Beach for my friend’s birthday party and it quickly turned into a crazy night… to top it off it got insanely foggy, pictures don’t do it justice at all…



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Digital kind of mood…

Back in the before times there were these things called DAT (Digital Audio Tape) machines… it was a great format that got hindered by endless lawsuits and Sony’s inability to market anything properly at the time (ex. MiniDisc)…

The format was technically superior to CD and at the time much easier to work with than CD…

Alas time has mostly forgotten the DAT, with expensive studio machines that once cost thousands barely commanding hundreds online… picked one up to play some old DAT tapes I had… a Sony PCM-7030… a very heavy 3 motor DAT machine originally designed for mixing down movie sound tracks… also has some nice back lit buttons!



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Found this today…

Stopped by Specs on a whim to see what they had before they closed the place for good and found a rather nice looking copy of this..


Very nice eh? Check out the advertisement on the back though!


Exciting and NEW!

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