Digital kind of mood…

Back in the before times there were these things called DAT (Digital Audio Tape) machines… it was a great format that got hindered by endless lawsuits and Sony’s inability to market anything properly at the time (ex. MiniDisc)…

The format was technically superior to CD and at the time much easier to work with than CD…

Alas time has mostly forgotten the DAT, with expensive studio machines that once cost thousands barely commanding hundreds online… picked one up to play some old DAT tapes I had… a Sony PCM-7030… a very heavy 3 motor DAT machine originally designed for mixing down movie sound tracks… also has some nice back lit buttons!



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Found this today…

Stopped by Specs on a whim to see what they had before they closed the place for good and found a rather nice looking copy of this..


Very nice eh? Check out the advertisement on the back though!


Exciting and NEW!

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Otari MX5050 III

Picked up an Otari MX5050 III 1/4″ 1/2 track Reel to Reel as a Christmas gift to myself… cleaned up nicely… mid 90’s vintage…


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Analog kind of mood…

Say what you will but a nice turntable with a good cartridge sounds magical…



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Finally moving and got the most important part of the house setup! My home theater is setup installed and looking good! =)



Yamaha RX-V1900

Panasonic P65GT30 65″ 1080p Plasma

Martin Logan SL3 Electrostatic w/10″ woofers (Bi-Amped)
KRK Rokit 10s

Peavy DigiTool MX audio processor (operating as a dual 3 way digital crossover)
McIntosh MC2105 amp for the Electrostatic Panels
Altec Lansing 9444A amp for the 10″ woofers…

PS3 (Original SACD/PS2/PS1 compatible)
XBMC Win7 pc in Norco 2U rack case

Back-UPS NS1250
Monster (ugh) HTS 5000 (does my amplifier turn-on delays)
ART PS4x4 power strip/lamp

All line level analog audio Canare L-2B2AT w/ Neutrik XLR’s and Canare RCA’s
Speaker wire is Transparent HP14-4

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